Two Series of Cement Chutes for Your Specific Needs

Mudslide Series

The Logical Alternative to Aluminum

The Mudslide Series Extension Chutes were developed to provide users with cement chutes that have the weight of aluminum but the strength and durability of steel. Mudslide chutes are 20 to 30 percent lighter than conventional steel chutes, yet cost significantly less than most aluminum chutes. Although lighter, Mudslide Chutes maintain the features of our Rockslide Series (below). When weight is important, you can have the confidence that a Mudslide Chute is the right chute for the job.

Rockslide Series

Rugged Chutes for Demanding Service

Our toughest chute, the Rockslide Series Extension Chutes were designed to withstand the rigorous demands of the most challenging placement jobs. By using better materials and continuous seal welding design, Rockslide Chutes last longer than other conventional cement chutes. They won't retain moisture which is often the cause of rust and cracks. They are manufactured to fir tightly to each other and the mixer in any sequence. The reinforced lip and rolled rails prevent damage and twisting to extend the service life of the Rockslide Chute. It's a long-term, low cost solution for users and OEM's alike.